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Terms & Conditions


Contact T2 Services for current rates.


The agreement is terminated if either party wishes to do so in writing. Termination is effective immediately at day’s end and active service warranty work will cease. A statement of all outstanding invoices will be produced and payment is required with 14 days of termination date unless otherwise agreed.
In the event that your company engage any T2 Service Agents directly for warranty work T2 Services have the right to terminate the agreement effective immediately.

Licenses/Insurance Policies:

Service Agents approved by T2 Services hold current trade licenses’ and insurance policies for relevant State/Territories where work is undertaken. Copies of these are obtainable from T2 Services on request.

Work Guarantee:

T2 Services and their approved licensed Service Agents will honour workmanship if issue is directly related to the work performed and not caused as an outcome of the product at fault.
Essential data back-up files are undertaken on a regular basis and systems are housed in a secure storage area.


All site inspections will be carried out as per request by your company and will include a full report, KPA reading if required and photographs unless otherwise advised and will be charged at standard service call rates.
In the event that a quote is required, the onsite inspection to provide the quote will be charged at the standard service call rate.

Administration and Cancellations:

Any service requests received by T2 Services for work to be conducted where processing has commenced and later cancelled, your company will be charged the standard administration fee. In the situation where the service agent attends site but the job is deemed to be a non-warranty issue or an installation fault, a full service call fee will be charged.

Booking Cancellations:

If a customer has agreed to a booking time and the service agent or van technician attends site but is unable or denied entry to the property, after 15 minutes the agent/technician will leave site. T2 will contact your company to receive instruction on how you wish to proceed. The first service call will be charged at a standard service call, minimum of one hour duration. If this booking is arranged by T2 Services personnel or subcontractor – this can be charged directly to the customer with approval from your company. If your company arrange the booking with customer the service fee will be invoiced to your company.

Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions

If your company requires Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions to be agreed to and signed off by the customer, T2 will have the customer sign off on the Terms and Conditions. This must be notified on each new job received. However, if the job is deemed to be a non-warranty issue and the customer disputes this and refuses to pay, the liability for the cost of the service call is with your company. In this case your company will be invoiced by T2 Services for the service call even if no work has taken place onsite.

Pressure Testing (plumbing only):

A KPA pressure reading will be conducted in relation to all service requests involving products with water pressure load. If a reading is above 500 KPA, customers will be advised this is an unacceptable reading in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3500.1-2003 and operation guidelines associated with the product. The customer will be advised that pressure reducing valves need to be installed at their cost to avoid current or future warranty claims on the parts/ products either left on site or installed. However if the customer refuses to pay for this installation of pressure limiting valves, your company will still be liable for the costs of the service call and will be invoiced accordingly.


Service call fee includes travel to and from site up to 25kms.
All travel over 25kms and up to 35kms will be charged at 15 minute increments of the hourly rate and will be added to invoices without Company approval.
Service jobs requiring travel over 35km to site will be quoted and approved by your Company in writing prior to proceeding with the job.

Job Completion:

Within 7 working days from receipt of stock or 5 working days from an inspection unless otherwise advised.

Spare Parts:

T2 Services have the capacity of holding some nominated spare parts. A fee of will be applicable for pack and send charges per item for insurance, storage, packing and postage. This is for spare parts only.


T2 Services holds adequate insurance to cover all stock held on T2 premises and in T2 vehicles.


From time to time there may be instances where accidental or consequential damages may occur during the removal of toilet suites, basins, vanities, baths and sink even when due care is taken. T2 Services, its employees and appointed service agents will not be held liable for damages or held accountable for costs incurred which result from these damages. Insurance will cover instances where damage has occurred as a direct result of actions of service agents while servicing or replacing products.
In particular in instances where products are installed onto glass or mirrors, T2 Services and its appointed service agents will not held liable for damages that occur. All due care will be taken in these instances and your company will receive a call whilst onsite to advise if we will be proceeding with the job due to the risk of damaging the glass or mirror.

Invoicing/Payment Terms and Conditions:

Once the job has been completed and all the necessary documentation has been compiled an invoice will be raised and forwarded to you.
Payment terms are strictly 14 days from date of invoices unless otherwise agreed and authorized by with T2 Services Management and are payable via EFT.